When Honesty Hurts

I JUST had my shower and cuddling my little niece in my bed as she was watching Upin and Upin on my phone when I read that heartbreaking text.

And now 12 hours later and when I caught a glimpse of that text, my heart was sliced into pieces all over again…and tears threatened to flow freely on my cheeks.

What was it about his friendship that touched me the deepest… What was it about his honesty made it even more hurtful when he took it  upon himself to make decision for us…

I fully understood his reasons and I totally respected him for that because I would do the same if I were in his shoes.

However, my understanding doesn’t take away the pain. Doesn’t stop the tears from falling…

Why does it hurt so bad… Is it because I am being selfish here… May be I am… A