A (Rock) Concert Date With Adam

Screenshot_2015-10-31-11-42-56-1THE last time I have a date with my 17-year-old was in December last year. We went for gala premiere of movie Terbaik Dari Langit at e-Curve in Mutiara Damansara. We enjoyed the movie immensely. And we had a good time. Laughing away on the way home. Excellent and sweet bonding time mother and son.

And tonight I am planning to take Adam for a rock concert of Malaysian favourite rock outfit Wings to commemorate its 30 years anniversary at Stadium Merdeka.

And this concert date with Adam is only made possible with help from my former boss and colleagues at The Star Media Group and definitely good friends such as Rouslan Mokhtar and BFF Samirah Hambali, both of whom I know from the beginning of my journalist career more than 20 years ago. And to my beloved brother Azim, my pillar, for  his unflinching support throughout the years no matter how crazy my endeavour was and also for his beautiful car for me to drive tonight!

And yes I will be doing a concert review too. So look up for it at Star2 pullout sometimes early next week.

I am not sure how much Adam will like the concert, being young and all, but if Wings’ previous concert was anything to by, it will be an enjoyable night.

Honestly, I am pretty excited to be able to go and a chance of catching up with members of the media and my (former) boss too. Since I moved back to my hometown in Muar more than a year ago, it is always nice to meet and catching up with friends who work and live in KL.

And yes, apart from the old-fashioned SMSes and calls, we do regularly communicate on FB and WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, but nothing can beat meeting in person after not seeing each other for so long.

Besides, with SPM exam starts on Monday, it would be great for Adam to be away for a few hours, to relax his mind and forget about the stress (of the upcoming exam).

Hopefully, it will be great for myself too. Been through rough patches emotionally in the recent weeks. Hopefully to be away from everything even just for a few hours, will help me putting things into perspective and to start my new week on Monday feeling “fresh”. God willing. A