Adam: My Pillar of Strength!

img_20160914_0004IN MY pursuit of happiness I often forget that there’s one man who loves me unconditionally. When I was giddy with happiness having found new love or when I cried my eyes out broken-hearted, he was there. Always. Unflinchingly. For the past 18 years.

I could be this bleary-eyed, looked shabbily most times. And I could be piling up on weight that I would be too embarrassed to go out there and he loves me! Still! Despite all.

I was thinking about all this as I was seated in the train on the way to work this morning.

As a single mom, I did wonder if I did neglect my baby from time to time as I got caught up in pursuing a career, living my own life. And dating guys in between. I would like to think that I never neglect him. At least not intentionally.

He is always on top of my priority. Regardless.

Recently I have this interesting conversation with him.

I was asking how he would feel if I find someone new and decide to get married again.

He looked at me with smiles.

“Mom, I am fine with that. I want you to be happy.”

Then I started rambling about me facing old age alone. And what would I do the day he marries his girl and find out that we (me and his girl) can’t get along.

He said,” Mom you are going to live with me. I will take care of you. I will find a girl who will love you and take a good care of you.”

Awwwww. How sweet. My baby.

This remind me of what Jeff has been telling me often. That, how blessed I am. Especially when comes to Adam. He keeps telling me to count my blessings everytime I started to whine and complaint.

In the past 18 years he have undoubtedly seen me fell in love. Then saw me broken hearted. Not once. Many times over.

He saw me lost myself in my grief with John’s passing. And tried his best to comfort me when I was in my darkest time.

Now, four years later, he is in college and myself here, is trying to rebuild my life again. Trying to rebuild my career again too.  And he has been there, still is…besides me as I stumbled and fell and getting up again.

He is my biggest cheerleader… My biggest supporter, my best friend and my confidante and my pillar of strength…

Thank you sayang… A