Adam: Part 2


HE just completed his last paper for SPM examination on November 30th. He returned home at 1pm and at 3pm he appeared at my office. All ready to be interviewed for a production job.

My 17-year-old baby. So what if he is towering over me now and I have to pull his head down whenever I want to kiss his cheeks. But the fact remains that he is still my baby. The one that the doctor had to cut my tummy open so he can pull my baby out safely.

I was in tears when I went to sleep the night before. Thinking and wondering what kind of parent I am that I let my young boy venture out finding a job.

My heart breaks. He is is my baby. It is my job to provide for him. It is my job to shelter him. To protect him. He doesn’t have to find a job for pocket money.

I know why he wants to work and earn money. The reason alone made me cry.

But I am trying to look at the bright side.

Well at least I can keep an eye on him as I am dealing with his department on daily basis and I know his supervisor pretty well so I know that he is in good hands.

And he is learning how to earn money and without academic qualification and neccessary skills, he or anyone out there will face tough time looking for a job.

It pains me to see him working there, as I am writing this today… 19 days later. He is doing well even though he said his job was tiring. Manual labour job is tiring regardless the age and my son is doing it…

I am so proud of you my baby. I do. You are my biggest blessing, God willing… A