Adam: Part 3 – First Paycheck

Adam_1998AS I was typing this post, I missed him. So I walked out of my comfortable-air-conditioned office to seek out my baby who was busy doing his day job – packing the furniture parts correctly.

My tall boy asked me why I seek him out. My answer was simple, “I miss you and I need to see you. Can I?” I half-teased.

He didn’t say anything. Hardly any response on his face except his smiling eyes. But that’s him. After 17 years I am still learning to understand my boy better. Living apart for 16 years didn’t help. He is a young adult now. Quiet, laid back and very determined.

I am still emotionally divided about him working 8.30am-5.30am daily. He is still very young to work that hard. And I still think that way even now as today marks his second month working here.

He seems to be doing just fine.

That’s the exact the same line I would tell Jeff and Danny everytime they enquired about Adam and his job. I can see he has the sheer determination and competitiveness.

And Adam have just received his first ever paycheck! Oh My God! My baby received his first ever paycheck.

I am not going to write on how much or how little his first paycheck is.

drive_thenBut I am going to say that the past one month my baby learns the hard way that it takes lot of sweat and hard work to earn money.

In this days and age, where some of his peers are still getting pocket money from their parents, my baby have to work because his mother faces some financial difficulties.

Instead of moaning and whining, my baby showed up at the workplace every day at 8.30am and slogged it out until 5.30pm for a very minimum wage.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t want him to sweat let alone doing things that really tiring manual labour so he would have enough money to fix his motorbike.

If I have my way, I would just hand it out to him. But as life is full of the unexpected, much to my dismay, at the age of 17, my son have to learn how to earn money.

Trust me, there were nights when I hugged him, crying. Telling him how sorry I was that I put him in this situation where he had to work so hard to earn money. How I wish I could turn back time before all these sad unfortunate incidents happened and landed us in this precarious situation.

Aware how bad I feel about the situation, Jeff and Danny often remind me how blessed I am with Adam as my son, that I should think positive instead of wallowing in my guilt. They said I should think positive as this is a short-term arrangement as Adam will continue his studies after his exam result comes March. Regardless, in taking up the job, Adam is learning very important lessons in life. Yes, if I put aside my maternal instinct and protective nature, I know this short couple of months will definitely help Adam shapes his view about life and future ahead (of him). It also incalculates high discipline and sense of responsibility in him.

Adam knows that he is the centre of my universe but he never use it for his advantage.

Living apart from the time when he was only two months old, my baby learns to be independent since very young age.

I remember throughout his childhood years, I often indulged him for shopping spree (for toys, pets and anything he fancied – as part to compensate my guilt for being away from him five days a week).

drive_now1My mom’s house turned into a mini zoo when every weekend he would go shopping for pets with me and brought him all sort of animals – from rabbit, birds, geese, fishes (all that available at the pet shop) and frogs! Not to mention plenty of aquarium of different shapes and sizes laying around the house that we had to give them away to relatives. That 17 years later, only the other day when I went to the shop to buy food for my terrapin, the shop owner still remembered my precocious boy and asked me where’s my boy now…Lol!

However, when comes to toys, its different story altogether. Regardless which stores I brought him to, from fancy Toys “R” Us outlets in different shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur to simple small shops in our hometown, Adam always picked the cheapest toys he could ever find. And I remember I would ask him a few times if he was sure about it and he wouldn’t budge. Thats my angel for you!

Again. I don’t think I can give enough credits to my mom and my brother Azim for wonderful job they have done in raising my baby. Adam is growing up to become a grounded and sensible young man, and not to mention, mature beyond his age.

“Mom, I want to use my pay to fix my bike,” he apologised. “I will give you my next pay,” said my baby. Which I quickly replied, ” No, you keep your money. This is your money and I don’t want you to give me anything. But, a few years from now, after you graduate from your study and secure your proper job, then I will hunt you down if you don’t remember me on your pay day!” I told him half-jokingly. And we both ended laughing. “No mom, I will not do that!”. That’s my angel. God’s biggest blessing. Hope he stays that way, humble, responsible (despite being the only child), grounded and everything a parent wishes for in a child. A