Screenshot_2015-11-02-08-20-55-1TODAY is November 2. As I kiss Adam’s cheeks and forehead and telling him to stay focus in the examination hall, I just realised that my baby is no more a child. He is 17. And today he sits for one of the biggest and important exams in his life.

As I watched his grandmother and my brother (his “ayah”) gave him a word or two before he rode off towards his school, my heart goes out with him every step of the way.

And then as I was getting ready to work, I received a call and text message from my eldest brother wishing Adam all the best for his exam in the next three weeks.

It made me all teary. It has been a wonderful journey for Adam, myself and my immediate (especially my mom, my brother Azim and wife) family in raising the precocious toddler into a laid-back that he is today.

I remember the day we registered him to enroll in kindergarten, I was filled with worry. Worry about other kids or even adults who might be bullying him.

I am sure my brother Azim would have plenty of funny and outrageous anecdotes to share as he have been watching over Adam in the past 16 years. Taking up his role as a father figure to Adam from Day One seriously.

Just like the day when his friend came over just to inform Azim that Adam did step on his daughter’s hand at school after a disagreement.

Or the day when another friend told Azim that Adam punched his boy (also after disagreement)…

Thank God… No more of those days when my brother would be receiving “reports” on Adam’s misbehaviour.

Today, and for the next three weeks, my son is and will be facing his battle alone, with my pray and am sure my mom and my brothers’ prayers are with him too.

As I browse my FB wall I know I am not alone. Many of my friends whose kids are also sitting for SPM today. Girls and boys. The parents and the kids themselves are all nervous.

I am nervous too. I want him to succeed. But most of all I want him to try his best and be proud of who he is regardless of the outcome.

Just like all the mothers out there, we only want the best for our kids. And we will do anything within our power, to do just that. Protecting them and give them the best of our capabilities. A