All the man that I need…

All The Man That I Need

I used to cry myself to sleep at night
But that was all before he came
I thought love had to hurt to turn out right
But now he’s here
It’s not the same, it’s not the same

He fills me up
He gives me love
More love than I’ve ever seen
He’s all I’ve got
He’s all I’ve got in this world
But he’s all the man that I need

And in the morning when I kiss his eyes
He takes me down and rocks me slow
And in the evening when the moon is high
He holds me close and won’t let go
He won’t let go…

HERE I was sitting comfortably at the sofa at the clubhouse. Only the sound of birds chirping away on this sunny Sunday afternoon…

And I was listening to this song for umpteenth times. I don’t remember listening to this song and feeling the way I am feeling now…

It is a really beautiful song. And Whitney’s infectious voice adds to that beauty several notches higher.

Could be years ago that I listened to it and touched by it but not as strong as the impact I feel today.

Today as I was listening to Whitney’s infectious voice, every word seems more meaningful than it did before as tears rolled down on my cheeks…Oh…silly me! Lol

No I am not feeling sad. It is a combination of wonderment, hope, uncertainties, touched and undeniably… love all around… A