Are We Racist?

IMG-20140315-WA0004READING news lately especially in on social media, I cringed everytime. Especially when  I read something racially-based comments or news. And yet they are everywhere. There’s no escaping such racial-leaning posts lately.

It almost ridiculous because I was thinking I spent more than 20 years of my life with my non-Malay friends. They were my colleagues-and-bosses-turned-friends…

But seriously, how racist are we?

Hate to admit it, but yes, all of us are racist to a certain extent. However, it boils down on how we deal with it in living our lives in multi-racial society.

Personally, being born in a small Malay village, attending national schools all my life where the majority are Malays, I was very much as Malay as the next (Malay) person.

But somehow as I ventured out of my so-called safety Malay-enclaved, forget my katak-bawah-tempurung existences and veered my existence towards the multi-races community.


And I enjoyed (and cherished) their friendship for life. We might be Malay, Indian, Chinese, Melanau by race but there are so many similarities and great attributes that we should focus on. Despite our different faith and skin colour, we are all the same underneath…

Obviously am a bit worried if this racial thing being left unchecked by our authorities. Keep telling my kids to treat others kindly and open mind despite the obvious differences between us.

Enough of this racial card being played to death by politicians. Fixed our economy and good governance FIRST please…