Blood Thicker Than Water?

bloodTHEY said blood is thicker than water.

Have you ever fought or argued with your family members? Sure, that is normal. Especially among siblings.

You could be a laid-back hard-working Australian who have to give in to your brother, times and again…Or you were an artistically-inclined New Jersey born who couldn’t get along with your only sibling/sister… Or you could be a Malaysian girl who was always at loggerhead with your eldest sister who seems to love picking up fights at any given day…

There you go, we could be living in the USA, Australia, Germany or in Malaysia, and siblings are siblings. Family is family. Without little arguments and disagreements, what’s there for families. Thats the fun (of love-hate relationships) or pain in the ass, depends on how you look at it. Besides, as saying goes, you can choose friends but not family.

And most of the times, our parents will be the ONLY feasible connecting link (for otherwise severe ties) between the siblings.

But, have you ever been betrayed by them? You know, in situation of which you put your trust in them, thinking that they have your best interest at heart only to learn that, they have everything (in their heart), except one thing, your best interest.

Hey, but they are your brother/sister, the one who grew up with you? Right? Came out from the same womb, by the same sperms donour. How could you be so wrong? And worse still, while going through the pain of utter betrayal, the realisation that all your life you (have) loved them to death, that you would do anything for them in any given circumstances.


Unfortunately, having the same parents doesn’t guarantee that they love you as much as you love them. That having same parents doesn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t do their utmost best to destroy you, either financially, emotionally or psychologically…

How could it be that your own brother/sister turned against you for no obvious reason? Except petty (and very dangerous) jealousy.

And, no. Having experienced it myself, I don’t wish that on anyone else. Being betrayed and hurt by friends is bad enough. Betrayed by your own flesh and blood? Worse. It took the pain to different notches altogether.

You can’t help but asking yourself if you ever treated them wrong and unpleasant in the past that triggered the nasty behaviour in them.

And most of all you beat yourself up for being so trusting and gullible. Only because they are your siblings, you let your guard down. Oh stupid me!

Almost a year later am still reeling from the pain and the tears still flow whenever I am reminded daily why I am in this messy situation that I am in now.

For someone who prides herself for being a very forgiving soul, the forgiveness is slow coming this time around. It is a very slow process.

I don’t wish them ill. Thats not my nature. But it will definitely take time for me to recover from this mess.

And as long as am still struggling to stand on my feet again, the pain remains… A