Precious Bonding Time

YESTERDAY I spent time bonding with my baby. It was crazy fun really. Wasn’t planned at all.

It was my day off. Often I would spend my single day off catching up with sleep due to my odd working hours.

But yesterday I had that inexplicable yearning and missing my baby Adam Daniel who was blissfully unaware of his mom’s crazy ideas, studying at the college.

By the time I woke up I couldn’t shake off the idea of driving down south to see my son.

By 10am I texted him on WhatsApp asking him if he would be free after class cos I was thinking of seeing him. 

By noon I didn’t get reply and I was feeling a bit unwell and thinking that if Adam wasn’t free it  would be okay because suddenly I wasn’t feeling as good as I was in the morning.

However, to be sure I called him and he said  ” Sure Mom. I was about to call you. Sorry I was having classes throughout and couldn’t reply earlier…”

So my feeling of “unwell” suddenly forgotten as I gleefully getting ready to drive to see my baby…hehehe

And 90 minutes later I saw him walking towards my car with smile on his gorgeous face…hehe

As we chatted while I was driving to Tangkak town, I decided to take him to one of his favourite joints whenever he came to to stay with us in Nilai – Secret Recipe.

And I know his all-time favourite Chicken Cordon Bleu with extra cheese… Always! Everytime! Blamed it on his caucasian blood! Lol

It was short two hours spent with him but so precious and priceless. 

As we were enjoying our respective dishes – mine is Vietnamese Beef Noodles and him with his Chicken Cordon Bleu – we exchanged stories. About the horrible injuries he sustained in the January accident healing slower than he would like to (which received my killer stare and made him burst into laughing).  We talked about families. His study. My work.

It always fun and arresting to talk to Adam. Like I mentioned several times in my earlier posts here, he is matured beyond his age and I noticed that I rely on him more and more in the recent times.

There were times when I couldn’t even get my brain to focus on certain issues that I would seek his opinion and he would give me his practical and make-so-much-sense ideas on how to tackle my problems.

As I kissed him goodbye last night, my heart expanded thousandfold… Feeling lighter and not as bleak as I remember… I am one lucky mother and I am blessed… A