Broken Friendship

55065-Broken-FriendshipIS there anything more hurtful than a friend’s betrayal? Friends can behave poorly for a variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with you at all. Perhaps they are jealous of you, secretly irritated, or suffering from low self-esteem.

I also realised then that I didn’t need to figure out the reason for a betrayal in order to get over it.

Losing a friend was horrible. That’s especially the case if they backstabbed or badly betrayed you.

After initial disbelief, followed by extreme painful realisation, honestly, I don’t really care. All I know I have acted in good faith throughout our (more than two decades of) friendship. I used to treasure that above everything else. Never think twice of helping out whenever it was needed. But once the trust was broken, the friendship became a damaged good. Useless. No turning back.

At my age, I thought most of us would be a bit more matured and little wiser. No?

Apart from decades of friendship, we shared similarities such as juggling between careers and raising our young kids as single moms… supporting each other? Don’t they mean anything at all?

Apparently not. Girls/women like you, was the main reason why I don’t have many girl bestfriends at the first place.

I thought I knew you. Guess I don’t know you at all. With you as a friend who needs enemies.

Looking back, despite my friendly nature, it wasn’t easy for me to get close to anyone and call them my bestfriends.

As far as I can remember I found its easier for me to strike close friendship with guys much more than girls.

And for some unknown reasons, most girls I have encountered were whiny and full of petty jealousy.

And you proved me right. Again. How petty jealousy reared its ugly head and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

And while I was recovering from your betrayal, glad to report that my close friendships with guys in my life are as solid as rock.

But you know what? In life, friends sadly come and go, and the ones that remain your true friends the longest have been the best friends all along. We have to go through many friends to finally find what the true value of friendship really is. A