Career At Late 40’s…Is It Even Possible?

WITH sluggish economy and the weakening of our ringgit, many of us are having hard time landing a job in this days and age. But some of us over 40 are finding it even harder, since many employers believe seasoned workers will cost more and know less about technology. Unfortunately for us, those are just two of the misperceptions out of many.

Yours truly is one of those who woke up one day and found myself in need to find a new job, and possibly, a career. At my age and with very limited skills? It was a nightmare in a disproportionate scale.

Being a journalist all my adult life, I believe my skills are limited. I was so contented with my career for over 20 years that I never thought that one day I would be looking for a new job.

It is a scary thought and situation to be in as in today’s market, there are a lot of talented young people out there with lower salary expectations than those who are established. How am I supposed to compete with this young minds?


Another misconception is that some employers think it’s more difficult for people middle-aged and beyond to learn new things. It a bias. I just have to prove them wrong by demonstrating my learning agility. Have to tell them that I am committed (and have always been committed) to lifelong learning and open to new experiences. I am not set in my ways and I am a curios creature by nature.

And here is the tricky part. I am looking for a position outside media industry. In retrospect, I wish I have taken time (on the side) to acquire extra skills that are transferable. I just have to show them that I can think creatively in executing in any given tasks.

There’s also a perception that middle-aged workers are slacking when comes to new developments in technology and society. In other words, fresh-out younger people are more in tune with what’s new and hot than people over 40. And I am like, really?

Apart from my own two websites which are still under construction (to showcase my IT-savvy side), I am counting on employers who will value me as an experienced employee. Armed with extra advantage (spoken and written English), I also know that I bring a good professional network, historical perspective and a depth of experience younger candidates can’t and don’t have.

If only all employers hire the age group of 40 to 60 in a heartbeat if they fit the qualifications posted for the job, life would be lot easier for everyone.

This group, I believe, is at that age of maturity, (is) levelheaded, puts thoughts before actions and honestly does a much better job. They are also the group that will be there early and leave late (from office) if there are deadlines and work needs to be accomplished. A