My Daily Fresh Ginger Drink…

GINGER.  Who doesn’t really know about ginger? We all grew up with ginger being included in mom’s cooking… In almost every dishes such as rendang, satay sauce and a host of other dishes. It would also be included in making some sweet savories. As a child then I didn’t really care about ginger apart from seeing mom was using it […]

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Murukku: My Favourite Snack

MURUKKU is a savoury, crunchy Indian snack. And that’s my favourite snack comes Deepavali or any Indian festivals. Wait, to be totally honest, it is one of my favourites snack throughout the year as and when I can grab a hold of it. Apart from Indian festivals of Deepavali or Diwali and Thaipusam, murukku is also featured prominantly during Eid-il Fitri […]

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Chicken Rice

ONLY two days ago we have Chicken Rice for our dinner. It was nice and yummy but it is the Malay version the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice. While the kids were happy tucking in, I was one of  those who was crazy about the authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice, hence I opted for Soto Ayam instead. It was a delicious broth or soup […]

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