My Baby is Home…

AS I wait in the car for his glimpse my mind can’t help but reflecting on our journey. Our journey in the past 19 years… Today is his first day working at a metal precision company as part of his 6 months internship for his Mechanical Engineering study… Many may say that its not a big deal. Thousands of students […]

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Ezra Simanjuntak

I MET Ezra when I was this wide-eyed journalist who loved everything when comes to music. I couldn’t remember exactly how we met. But I remember vaguely that I interviewed him for his unique journey in music. With his long black hair…rings on every fingers, Ezra was an epitome of rebelliousness. Something that I could relate to very well. The […]

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Work Life Balance Is Crap

I HAD crappy morning today but l borrowed the title from Pete who have had crappy days if not weeks or even months… My crappy incidents were pretty minor but equally annoying though. As I was driving home very late this morning at 1.30am, I knew something was wrong with my clutch system. As I couldn’t shift the gear.  However […]

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