Clear Blue Sky Of Emotions

emotional-chaosWHAT clarity can do to your emotional wellbeing is amazing. I came across this post as I was searching about clarity of mind and its effects on our emotions and physical wellbeing. And am going to quote him verbatim as I found it helps emotional person like me to learn see things clearly whenever life throws curveball when you least expected.

According to Phillip Moffitt former CEO and Editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine in his book Introduction to Emotional Chaos to Clarity – When life doesn’t go the way we planned or hoped, we sometimes collapse into emotional chaos, which can lead us to make poor decisions and act unwisely.

Myself, for instance, have been going through a series of emotional chaos since I moved back to my hometown almost two years ago.

It was draining and tiring, not to mention crippling everytime when some unexpected chain of events hit you as it could create a great deal of suffering for us. However, it’s possible to relate to the disappointment and difficulty in our lives without stress and anguish. Emotional chaos is the result of reactive mind states. You know all too well what reactive mind states are—anger, anxiety, frustration, irritation, restlessness, worry, insecurity, doubt, obsession and many more.

motivational-quotes-138In his book Moffitt also added that these reactive mind states are not our fault really. Life is unpredictable and sometimes painful, so of course it generates mental and emotional chaos. But we don’t have to helplessly submit to your mind being tossed around willy-nilly by these inner storms.

There is a way to move from the emotional chaos of the reactive mind to a state of clarity in which we are able to respond to people and situations from a responsive mind state. Our responsive mind state knows what you are about.

It allows us to stay grounded in our deepest values even in the face of life’s uncertainty. We experience clarity that allows us to act with wisdom and stay true to what matters most to us. This abiding wisdom yields a sense of ease and direction in life that Moffitt calls skillful living. Here are some of the benefits of skillful living that this book seeks to help you discover:

You know and act from your core values at all times
You gain wisdom from both pleasant and unpleasant experiences.
You can discern between thoughts, words, and actions that cause harm and those that do not, and you act accordingly.
You know your true nature, the essence of your character, and how to protect it.
You accept gain and loss equally and derive insight from each.
You have an inner life in which love can flourish, even if your outer life is filled with challenges.
You learn to speak only what is true, useful, and timely, even during moments of anger and outrage.
You are not controlled by your views and opinions or the story of your past, but rather you have a “don’t know” mind that responds wisely to whatever you encounter in life.
You have the ability to soothe yourself whenever you feel disappointed or overwhelmed by life.

emotional-quotes-pictureKnowing what is essential to us will  allow us to meet the chaos of life with a clear mind and an open heart. Being grounded in our authentic self, or what he likes to call as our essence, supports us in making choices and decisions, helps us endure anxiety and stress, and enables us to bear disappointment and difficulty with equanimity.

The hard truth is that life is characterised by continual change and we can’t count on it going as we planned. The ever-flowing stream of life delivers small and large misfortunes, all of which are beyond our control, from daily disappointments such as getting caught in traffic and missing an appointment to major life-altering challenges such as the loss of a loved one. Being able to control what happens to us in life is therefore not substantial ground on which to base our identity. The “us” that is always in control is an illusion. It does not exist. No matter how bright and skilled you are, you will only create turmoil for yourself by clinging to this false identity.

As the false identities fall away, you develop clarity about what really matters. This clarity comes about as you cease to identify with the chaos of your life and as your heart opens to living life in accord with what matters most to you.

And getting my hands on this informative and useful book of Introduction to Emotional Chaos to Clarity by Phillip Moffitt will be my next obvious step. A