Coming Home…

IT was Thursday morning in the middle of June when I was driving zig zagging in between houses to find the place for my job interview.

Blimey! I had to resort to my waze apps to find it!

I was upset with myself. I used to live in this place for so many years!

As my trusty Wira inched away deeper and deeper into the area, the memories started flooding my brain…

The long house rumah panjang are still standing there…the absurd corner that we had to brave daily is still there. The big tree at the sharp corner getting humongously big!

The mini bus rides every morning to my school across the town Sekolah Aminuddin Baki.

And years later, this was the place I found my refuge… my inner peace as I was carrying Adam, living there with my brother Azim.

How he would love laughing at me for looking like a penguin…wobbling around the house heavily pregnant with Adam…He was my pillar then…and still is…

During my school days it was mini buses (Bas Mini) right up till my first few years of working at The Star used to take me out from this area to KL city centre.

It was a mixture of feelings. Nostalgic. Sad. Happy. And hope.

I was driving in KL for 16 years and I know most of the main roads at the back of my hands. Like Madonna said… “It used to be my playground…”

It was a mixture of feelings. How life is like a full cycle.

My new office is located at a place where I first started when I came to KL as an 18 year old wide-eyed girl from village down south to further my study here.

The is is also the place where I lived quietly when I was pregnant with Adam. His birth certificate carried the home address that hold so many memories for me.

This is the place where my longtime friends Khalid and the late Tengku Hashim took me and and newborn Adam home to, after we both being discharged from hospital.

Then I married John and moved to Ukay Heights. Though I was still in touch with Khalid, we hardly managed to see each other… only phone calls and text messages – which was far and in between as we both busy with our own life. Me being a wife, working mother. Juggling between living in Ukay Heights, working in PJ and seeing Adam in Johor on weekends. I hardly have time for myself.

But we never lost contact with each other. Despite not seeing each other face to face for 17 years. Facebook makes communication a lot easier.

Only two weeks prior I was blessed to be able to have lunch with Khalid. Our first lunch together in 17 years! A lot catching up to do. Khalid is doing well, I am so proud of him. He is still as humble and kind-hearted as I know him many years ago. Though we both have grey hairs and wrinkle now…who cares! we are still the same person, a bit wiser…hehe… hopefully!

Khalid was concerned about me still looking for a job. When I was complaining and feeling like giving up, he was telling me not to. To keep up my efforts and don’t forget to pray…thats what he has been telling me to keep me going and my spirit up.

And two weeks later I got offer for a job. And the office is located at the very place that Khalid, myself and late Tengku Hashim would call “our playground”…

There are places there in the area…roads that I want to drive through…I want to look at the houses and roads to see if they are still the same as I left them 17 years ago. I wonder will I see familiar faces if I do (driving) that?

Will I cry if I see them…Along…Nan…Are they still live in the area? They’re  the “family” whom I turned to then… It would be so lovely if I can trace them and meet them again… Only time will tell… A