Starting Anew

endings-beginningsWHEN you start at a new job, it is your fervent hope that everything will fall into places. Nice office environment, pleasant co-workers, approachable and sensible boss.

And for myself, I was so used of working in such a pleasant environment in a 17-story building located in a vibrant business hub in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Apart from driving to and fro to KL city centre for interviews and appointments, the luxury building was my second home for 21 years 10 months. I spent most of my waking hours in the building. Only went home long after the sun disappeared on the horizon.

After a year break, I found myself trying to rediscover what I wanted to do with my life. At late 40s, it would be ideal dream comes true, to stay at home, working from home, and still manage to pay the bills.

Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale. When I tendered my resignation citing personal reasons (despite my bosses and colleagues’ efforts to make me change my mind then – mind you, only a handful of them who genuinely sad to see me leaving…hehe), on March 1, 2014, I have a decent and practical plan on how to support myself and Adam’s schooling expenses for years to come.

It wasn’t ambitious but practical and definitely do-able. With proper planning and execution, that is.

But I didn’t include trustworthiness and reliableness of people involved, in the equation. Despite my bitter and life-altering experience before (while building our cottage), I just didn’t learn to protect myself.

To cut the story short, one day I found myself grappling with the thought that I may need to find a job. And soon!

I was beyond heartbroken. Devastated. Consumed by self-guilt and bitterness, I was falling ill every so often with mysterious illnesses…


But crying over spilled milk would not bring money onto my table. Or pay my bills.

Gathered my strength, I scanned online for vacancies in nearby areas because returning to the city was not an option for now.

I have promised Adam that I will stick around until his SPM and then college. I have been away all his life. Only now we have the indescribable luxury of living under the same roof. Having the comfort of having each other close. No. I don’t want to leave my baby again. Until the day he is also flying on his own (college and the rest…).

While driving through the industrial area near my village, I stumbled upon openings at a few manufacturing companies there and decided to send in my resume.

Honestly, all the posts advertised were total alien to me, coming from creative industry. But no harm in trying, right?

Soon enough, I received a call from a manufacturing company who wants to hire me in the marketing department. They are banking on my English to help out with the marketing, which is fine by me.

Totally clueless about manufacturing industry, I walked in on my first day with open mind. This is a new whole world for me to discover.

Being a journalist, meeting strangers was part and parcel of my daily task. So I tried to apply those skills into practice. It is very useful.

Here I learn about manufacturing industry firsthand.

And it has been two months and eight days of me getting myself slowly adjusted, integrated, and accepted here.

Much smaller than my previous employer, making friends here was like second nature for me, being a former journalist.

It has been an eye-opening experience so far. It was like a child in a toy store. So many things to discover, so many things to learn. I woke up every day feeling excited, thinking what would I learn next? Will I make a mistake, learning new things?

I keep telling myself, it is okay to make mistake (but not too often) because it is the fastest way to learn. Besides, this the new world that I would love to explore. And getting my feet inside is a huge step.

Admittedly though, there are things under the surface which little bit disconcerting. For someone who develop high sensitiveness over the years, lets pray that it’s not something big and disruptive…

I have only one goal here. To earn a living to sustain myself and my son. That is. Ahappens-for-a-reason