e-brochure: Design And Publish

chinese-proverbAFTER a horrible day yesterday, I am really happy to report that today is a total opposite. Feeling light and happier, today I did achieve something that I never thought I could do, let alone accomplish…

Today, I completed my first ever e-brochure! Yeay! Could you believe that?

In the past three days I spent hours in the office working and thinking how to put my first-ever e-brochure. After a few tips from Jeff (who himself ironically has never made any e-brochure or used Microsoft Publisher), I decided to give it a go. Fiddling here. Tweaking there.

As for myself, prior to this, I didn’t even know that Microsoft have such application. Lol! Sad but true.

Word? Yes. Excel? Yes. Publisher? Never heard of… Don’t laugh please. All my life I have been using Microsoft Word daily. And now am getting a hang of Excel… but Publisher? Nope. Not until today…

First draft? Danny liked it. Jeff preferred the vertical template. Adam? No opinion.

The second draft? Both Jeff and Danny were impressed too except for one thing. Danny said I needed to incorporate some of the elements to be seamlessly merged with the background colour. Rina? She liked everything!

The third and final draft? Four of them liked it and visibly impressed.

But the best part of all was when my boss, my senior exec and colleagues gave wonderful reaction. Yessss!

Well, after several changes here and there in the past three days… here’s the final draft… Please do ignore the glaring grammatical errors, proof reading is on-going! But it’s not that bad eh… for a first-timer? A