Ego booster at 49… LOL

THIS happened exactly 9 days ago…

I was feeling unwell on and off for a week. Not knowing what was wrong with me. I was feeling okay during the day but came evening I was feeling unwell. Bodyache, nauseous, heavy head and dizzy…

Finally after prodding from someone, I decided to visit  my company’s panel clinic near my home. I have been going there for years. To be exact, 8 years ago when we first moved into this new township.

Freshly showered, I decided to wear my baggy shirt and pants and my flip flop. Wearing my “sick” face to the max.

Went in, there he was. Never met him before. Could be one of the partners that I haven’t met.

After pleasantries, he went on to look at my record in front of him and asking me what was wrong.

I said I don’t know and went on describing some discomforts I have in the past few days.

As we talked about my symptoms, he asked me about my neighbourhood and  we discovered that we shared a common friend.

Before I made my exit, he passed me his mobile number… while giving instruction to the nurse for my prescriptions…

Stunned, I took it and left….

What followed was hilarious. 

As I put the incident on my Facebook, it drew a mixed reactions from my friends. Some went ballistic saying that was very unethical of the surgeon to give me his mobile number that I should report this to the relevant authority so his practice would be suspended.

My female friends were more forgiving though  by saying that I should enjoy the attention and forget about the malpractice…that at my age, I still have “it”!…lol

Initially I was quite happy to have a surgeon as my “new” friend. I thought I could handle his advances. Being 10 years older than him, I know myself well and I have handled worse…

However, after several exchanges of whatsapps I discovered that I didn’t need the “attention”.

Much to my dismay though, despite my repeated refusal on the whole “invite-me-to-your-bed” thingy, the surgeon don’t take “no” as the answer…

Hence,  I decided to stop the communication. Phew! What a relief! A