Emotional Detachment, Really?

REGARDLESS of our age, when you are single, either by choice or circumstances, and you are a normal human being with needs and wants…you are bound to be in need of a company. 

And not just any company but that special person that you have unexplainable connection with.

It could be all started with that mind connection when everything seemed to click.  

A story from a girlfriend (gf) of mine was a case in point.

She was about to meet up with a man she met only barely a week ago.

When she confided in me about this l was rather speechless…

I have my fair share of my online dating experiences but what she was about to do…take the cake…

But it was not about the meeting that intrigued me. It was about her mission.

Having ‘met’ a list of scammers or potential scammers online she made connection with this man. Who seemed to be well-traveled person and polite to boot.

But what she likes most about him or more like whats so intriguing was that he was up front on what he is about. Being  a non-monogamous person.

Taken aback, my gf decided to stick around for chatting. Mainly about what they both like. Traveling. And how it enriched their lives in more ways than one…

According to my gf…the chat was so fluid and natural. In the span of few hours the topic varied…from non-monogamous to low life politicians… to friends with benefits….

Instead of feeling offended with the sexual innuendos exchanged between them…she felt invigorated…and more intrigued… and challenged.

And she kept reminding herself that this was strictly for non-emotional connection.

Yes emotional detachment. Her being an emotional creature. It seemed like monumental mission, if you asked me…Impossible I think.

The next 2 days the chats continued. Fluid. Fun. Intriguing…

On the third day the man made vague suggestion that he could make a detour to Kuala Lumpur en route from Toronto to London then Hong Kong.

To cut the story short, plan being hatched that the man would come for a five-day visit to get to know her and to spend time with her.

Fast forward to end of November ( as I am writing the conclusion now) …

Being busybody me (as this story is too juicy and entertaining not to be included in this blog) my gf said as promised she turned up at the arrival hall with a back-up plan nonetheless. In case of a no-show. Clever girl I reckon!

Lo and behold! The man turned up, grinning warmly at her…

And guess what, if what my gf told me can be believed, they are already planning for the second, third and fourth meetings up till July 2018…with flight tickets have been confirmed…

And yes…am green with envy… but really? Naaah… am pretty happy with my newly-found liberated single life. Thank you! 

And again… what happened to that emotional detachment I heard about earlier girl? A