Epistle From The Heart…


HERE I am sharing a beautiful poem written by someone who is very talented though I don’t think this person will ever admit it. The first time I read it it touches my heart like no others. I am always into beautifully-written words which comes straight from one’s mind and heart…

Enjoy the words…

I look for a new beginning a fresh place to start,
Something to replace this hole in my heart,
I lay awake at night as emotions stir,
The last time I truly felt free has now become blur,
I want to be in love again, really I do,
How do I put my heart back on the line after all it’s been,
My emotions are lonely, sad and confused,
My heart torn, battered and abused,
I have a friend in you amazing it’s true,
You seem to be everything I could have ever dreamed of plus a hundred and two,
When I write to you a million emotions run through my head,
But as always I leave with a hundred things left unsaid,
Unfortunately both of us might have been hurt in the past due to a hard lesson learned,
So I dance around the fire, afraid to get burnt,
I know I am completely ready to give one hundred percent of my heart,
But I pray to GOD and am asking you,
Will you be my new beginning and my fresh new start? .. LWH

Note: Like I said earlier, this is not my own words. It was penned by someone and I thought I want to share this on this blog because I love the wording and the emotions behind it that I can almost feel and touch it… A