Everyone Has Story To Tell

everyone_has_a_story-116394-1MY recent post about my humble abode Duncan Cottage triggered me to write about this topic.

I am a story teller. And surely I have my own way of telling my stories which aren’t exactly unique or amazing in anyway. I shared my stories without being asked to. And I am sure many out there have gone through lot worse than I did. It’s just that I’ve written it all out for everyone to read.

But I know a few whose life stories would drive me to tears of sadness and then laughing my ass off next.

And I have been listening to these exceptional individuals and their fascinating story about where they came from and their journey to be where they are now. Their presence in my life are blessings indeed. I learn a lot from them and their stories.

They didn’t really talked about it. But being observant person that I am, it is quite easy to observe and learn about them and bits and pieces of their life.

Behind their smiles there are stories to tell, tears being shed, loneliness being conquered and continuous struggles of finding the meaning of this life.

story3Everyone of us has a story to tell, if only we take time to listen. And in this instance, I am writing down their stories…

It pained me when someone very dear told me recently that he’s worried living alone with no friend at his age. That he would end up growing old alone. Then, he “disappeared” on his birthday yesterday. Today he apologised for his disappearing acts. If only I could hug him and told him that I understood and he didn’t have to explain, let alone apologised.

I hate to say this, but I could almost see his invisible scars even though he tried to hide it well. Growing up in broken family wasn’t a bed of roses. He always made me laugh like mad hyena with his jokes and smart-ass quips. I call him my favourite idiot in the whole wide world! When in fact he is one very-talented, smart, good-looking kind-hearted soul I have ever met!

He has been through a lot. And seriously for all he went through to be where he is now, he should be so proud of himself. I am so proud of him. Talking about him reminds me so much of one of my favourite songs Don Henley’s New York Minutes. Because thinking about him got me thinking about New York, his playground.

Despite his long-drawn inner struggles, he’s generous with his time and kindness. He never failed to pull me up when I was down.  He tickled my funny bones when I least expected it. He might have been hurt a lot but he has so much love to give. He is a fighter and always will be. And I love him dearly.

A few days ago, another dear friend emailed me because he was worried that I haven’t written anything since Nov 6. He has been visiting my blog on daily basis. You see when you see Switzerland on my visitors’ list  that’s him! I feel humbled with his kind words and time. He has been an ardent follower of this blog from Day One! I really wanted to hug him when he told me that reading about my journey with Adam did remind him of losing his dad when he was only nine years old. How he and his two older sisters, were raised single-handedly by his mom after his dad’s passing.

AP_Blog_QuoteFor a friendship which started at a bar ( yes, of all places on Earth!) in Cherating about two years ago, ours have come a long way indeed. I remember him and his beer and his piercing blue eyes. And me? Proudly placed my big COFFEE mug and sat beside him and drinking away my black coffee while watching live band playing and my friends went crazy on the dance floor. Beer and coffee, that’s how this beautiful platonic friendship started and I am blessed.

And there’s a person whose presence meant so much in my life and he is currently devoting his time caring for his ailing Dad. He put his life and his works on hold after his Dad fractured his leg following a bad fall in a bathroom. Even though we exchange texts every day I do miss him and can only hope that he is coping well in Down Under.

With his mom who just went through surgery recently, now he has two elderly person who need his full attention 24/7. He told me about a week ago that now that he’s taking care of his Dad full-time, he could only imagine how tough it was for me looking after John alone by myself. And I told him, when you married someone, its for health and sickness and thats what I did for John because I love him and he’s my husband. It wasn’t something extraordinary at all. Am sure my women/men would do just that for their spouses.

everyone_has_a_story_to_tell_quoteI could only imagine the stress he’s going through now. Whatever challenge thrown his way, he would face them all alone. However, he’s always there (for me) whenever I needed his shoulder to cry on. He never failed to encourage me. And when I was whining and complaining in between tears, he kept reminding me to count my blessings because they all could be taken away from me in a  split second. There were times when I was crying hard missing John. And he would comfort me and tell me to cry it all out and get it out of my chest, so I would feel better. He said, once the crying was done then I can move on… In his unassuming quiet way, he has been my pillar… as strong as an oak, to lend me his strength from time to time… And I couldn’t imagine my life without him…

I have always pride myself being a good listener. Not because I am a busy body type, poking my nose on everyone’s affair. But I love to listen because from listening I can learn to better myself and I can understand others better.

Sometimes the shy and quiet person has the most amazing life story and the biggest dreams, it is up to us to take the time to find out.

Some of us travel a path of wealth and privilege, while others struggle with only themselves to rely on, and both have great stories to tell.

Each person learns lessons, makes choices, and develops a unique perspective, which only they can claim and share.

If it was possible, we would surely change the way life goes, but we don’t have such power so we can only face it and smile.

Life is good, but it is also bad, unfair and fair, happy and sad, colourful or dark. It can be everything. Life is full of contradictory… But either way, we must live it, keep moving ahead and do our best. A