Honesty in Relationship

AS Billy Joel have said for million of times …

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard

Honesty is such a simple word but the impact it have on one’s life can’t possibly be measured.

When you know you can totally trust your partner or family members or even friends, it removes a large potential for worry. It also builds your internal security so that you not only feel good about them, but you also feel better about life.

Having an honest relationship creates a kind of buffer between you and the difficulties of the world. Having a partner or family you can trust and rely on also makes it easier to take those risks that help us grow.

In my recent foray on online dating, which have stopped only after a few days there (lol!) due to the fact that there were so many weird things online ( a bit too much for me really… considering that I have a high level of tolerance), this question or rather the word “honesty” came out regularly as you strike conversations with total strangers with that minuscule hope that you both can become friends…

When asked about what qualities they want in a partner, most people will list “honesty” among them. Unfortunately, most of us have had the experience of being lied to. When you have a relationship and a family, you need to know that everyone is on the same page, and this is hard to do unless both of you are being honest.

What honesty gives you is a great deal of comfort. Knowing you can implicitly trust your mate allows you to be your best self, and your relationship will continue to thrive because you are able to give each other the positive energy you need to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Honesty is not just about telling the truth, either. It is also about telling the truth in a way that your partner will hear it and benefit from it. We all want to hear how great we are, of course, but we can also benefit from making some slight adjustments in how we do things. This is where a little honesty from someone you love and trust will help you make the small changes that can make your world a better place.

Despite my painful experiences, I still value honesty above everything else. It is a way of life, not just a behavior. Knowing you can totally trust one another brings a type of freedom and comfort that helps your relationship work in the best way possible… A

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  • Mizan

    What is honesty? Is it like when your friend lets you know in the Colgate commercial telling you “honestly, your breath smells, eew!, use this nice smelling mint tartar control Colgate with whitening agent, keeps you smelling fresh all day long”

    Just kidding. What would your reaction be if your beloved tells you are fat and your skin is crinkly old? Or by the way I saw your boyfriend with another girl yesterday.

    I thing honesty can be subjective. Idk may be I’m talking totally different things all together.