How Do I Find Thee Sexy? Let me Count The Ways…

Sexy-love-quotes-for-him-1YES we (you and I) can’t live with them and yet we can’t live without them. It was perplexing how a man can be so annoying and yet so incredibly sexy at the same time? I mean, one minute they think it is completely OK to forget your birthday and the very second minute they do something unintentionally which turns out to be so darn sexy!

But here is the catch, most men don’t know that we find certain unexpected thing sexy, so guys to save your ass the next time you forget your anniversary, I am decoding several things that men didn’t know that women find incredibly sexy!

Yes guys, there are things we find sexy about you guys, even though our reasoning might be a bit strange. Guys pull attractive moves all of the time without even realising the effect it has on us. Whether it’s what they’re wearing or what they’re doing, it can make us swoon. Whether or not you’re picky, we can all relate to these things we find sexy about guys.

Yes I know, we, women can be confusing.

However, there are qualities that most women find sexy. You can look at the list that I have compiled here but please stay true to yourself and who you are. There is nothing sexier than staying true to yourself with a bit of adjustments here and there.

  • He smells good – We love it when a man walks into the room smelling nice. One of the things that attracted me to the man is his individual scent. While yes, women are attracted to men who smell nice – and that means going above and beyond bathing once every few days – there are other factors in play. Like pheromones. Men; women, young and old, can pick up on pheromones, and babies are even said to be able to tell the difference between their mom and other women by her scent alone. According to sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman, your smell can give clues to your fertility. Whoa!8c05a1ea39fb9d0c46cea5cd42b4b9c3
  • He’s Got Talent – Whether it’s his skills in guitar and piano playing, or his expertise or penchant for photography, women love a man who has a passion and is good at it. There’s something very alluring about a lively, interesting guy with skills!
  • His Listening Ability – Guys, maybe we are easily impressed, but the fact that you actually remember how we order our coffee or ice lemon tea or that our favorite writer’s new novel is out is a huge deal! A guy who hears us and remembers our favorite things is extremely sexy. The ability to just listen and not necessarily give us direction is also a bonus.
  • Smarty Pants – Long after the looks fade, there’s a trait that can keep us in love forever. It’s called intelligence. A man who’s got that has a big advantage in life and love.
  • Voice – An average-looking guy with an amazing voice can increase his sexy ranking a few notches. Throw an accent in there and they are golden in our eyes!
  • A Great Smile – In the physical realm, we all prefer different body types and sizes. One thing most women agree upon and notice immediately is a guy with a genuine smile.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Kindness – He’s sweet to animals. He’s great with kids. He’s thoughtful and loving with his friends and family. This is a fantastic indicator that he will be good to us as well, and why kindness is a very desirable trait.
  • Humor Us – Laughter is the best therapy for dealing with life’s harsher moments. Being with a guy who has an excellent sense of humor and can also find the funny during tough times is a real find – and needless to say, sexy.
  • Confidence – Ask any woman what makes a guy sexy and the collective answer is “confidence.” A man who is self-assured and knows what he wants is admirable and makes us feel secure when we are with him.
  • Eye Contact – Many women commented that a man who could look her in the eye was the definition of sincere and sexy. Now, a guy with great eyes who isn’t afraid to look into ours can make us a little weak in the knees. We love connection.
  • Drama Who?! – A guy who has got it all figured out – and doesn’t come bearing lots of drama, exes, or other issues, is refreshing, impressive and very appealing.
  • A Man With Well-kept, Clean Hands – Yummy and it is a big turn for me. No no, don’t rush for a manicure just yet, but clean your hands properly, especially if you are a smoker.
  • Be Thoughtful  – I find a guy who are sending me a text out of the blue to say you’re thinking of me or sending a text in regards to something I said in passing. Forwarding an article you think might interest someone, remembering a difficult anniversary or wishing someone luck at a big meeting – all small things that make a huge difference.
  • Show Your Interest – Don’t be aggressive, but subtly let her know that you’re attracted to her. Women love being desired and feeling attractive. Just make sure she reciprocates the interest, otherwise you may be expelling energy and time on a wasted cause.
  • Rolled Up Sleeves Of A Full-sleeved Shirt – I know, it sounds trivial but seriously guys, this is like formal meets casual in a suave way. So sexy!
  • Being Concerned About Our Safety When We Are Not With Them – That cute little message asking us if we have reached home is so sweet and so sexy.tumblr_mglql0TO421r8fxwno1_500
  • Dressed In A White Shirt And Paired It With Jeans – I can’t really explain why this color (black, blue and red are close second, by the way), but a man in a crispy white shirt and jeans is so bloody sexy.
  • When Man Have A Well Maintained Stubble – We don’t want a forest growing on your face, but a well maintained stubble is so macho and yes… sexy too!
  • A Man Doing Grocery Shopping – If you are domesticated and don’t mind helping out a little here and there with the groceries, it is so sexy.
  • A Man Cooks – There is a reason why all women find chefs hot.
  • When They Carry Our Bags – Without us asking them too. And I am not talking about our handbags. But any other bag when we were going out. That’s very thoughtful and sexy too! I don’t find guy who carries his girlfriend’s handbag is enviable at all. Not sexy.
  • Hug From Behind – It’s cute, and it makes us feel safe. And who doesn’t like hugs in general? A