I am back

I HARDLY written anything here since February. I can only imagine that some friends might be wondering what have happened to me then but too polite to ask…

Where shall I start really? Am not sure if I want to write anything that happened during my break from this blog.

It is more of a lengthy contemplating phase that I went through then. Making big decisions which involve several important aspects of my life and those I loved most.

Am sure from the last two posts you guys can gauge what have been happening in my life.

It wasn’t easy. It was the most difficult time.

I love being with my family. My son. My mom. My brother’s young family.

But then, those who aren’t  happy with my presence there. My presence breaks the family apart. It shows the ugly side of my family that I wish I don’t know and witness…

To cut the drama short, I decided to pack my bag and leave my heart behind. My son. My beloved young nieces and nephew. My crying mom. My sad but understanding baby brother…

Now I am back (on this blog) and also (moving) back to the city and start a fresh.

To dear friends Markus, Danny, Sham, Yatie… And many more of those who have been visiting and spending time here reading my ramblings here… Thank you for being so generous with your time… I really appreciate it. Grateful. More than you could possibly imagine.

I am back here guys and will write more in the coming days…

Much love