Invisible at 46? Like… Seriously?

THERE is a saying that goes like “A woman becomes invisible at 46: That’s the age when chivalry dies and grey hairs arrive…”

I couldn’t make up my mind what I felt then as I slowly read the article.

In general, getting old is something that never bothered me at all. You know, like getting grey and all wrinkled. Honestly I haven’t thought about it much.

Grey hair? I am lucky inherited good hair gene from my late dad so at 48, I have none. But even if I have grey hair it wouldn’t make much difference really.

Though I do feel old whenever I saw my 17-year-old baby Adam is towering above me now and as if I only gave birth to him yesterday…

According to some writers whose article I faithfully read, for us women, it is bad and sad news.  For most, life may begin at 40 – but if you’re a woman, it seems you’ve only got six years before it  goes downhill again.

But why at 46?

According to a study, it is at the age of 46 at which women feel they become invisible to men. Once they hit their mid-40s, the fairer sex say men stop holding doors open for them and no longer offer to give up their seat on a crowded bus, a poll found.

Errrr…May be I should shout out for my two besties – Jeffrey and Daniel! Is it true guys?

Wait, if that’s not enough to send our self-confidence down hill, hear this … Not only we have become invisible for men, there will also be the arrival of a few grey hairs and a few extra pounds in weight makes us shudder with the image we see in the mirror.

Oh! Wait! The researchers also found that women in their mid-40s also begin to fret that their views and opinions are no longer valid, and start to worry that their other half is ageing better than they are.
And by the time they reach their mid-50s, the majority of women say they no longer receive admiring glances from strangers or compliments from the opposite sex.

But, hey, there’s silver lining girls, the dip doesn’t last forever, with most women regaining their confidence by the time they turn 60.

According to the news I read, Gareth Steer of Clarivu Total Vision Correction, which commissioned the poll of 2,000 women over 40, said: ‘Women are living longer and looking better than ever before, but it seems when they hit their late 40s and 50s, there is a definite period of adjustment. This research shows a lot of factors contributed towards making women feel invisible once they hit a certain age.
‘This coupled with the steady increase of over-50s requiring glasses for reading, shopping and driving add to that feeling of being older and more invisible.’

The poll found women with children were hit the hardest by a loss of confidence as they grew older, as they were more likely to compare themselves to the younger women in the family. Having to wear glasses for age-related sight loss also knocked their self-esteem.
Nearly all of the women questioned said they began struggling with their weight once they hit 40 – and they typically longed to shed around two stone. A third of women surveyed also admitted they were annoyed that their partners were ageing better than they were.
The majority said 46 was the age at which men no longer held doors open for them, while two-thirds said they were no longer offered seats on public transport.
And more than half confessed they wished they had appreciated their youth more.

Seriously, the last paragraph from the study should be ignored as it doesn’t apply to majority of women out there who are happy and aged gracefully with or without grey hairs and wrinkles. A