Kindness is still very much alive…

kind1SINCE Monday last week I have been using commuter train daily to travel to work and back. It is very new experience to me as I have never used it before despite having lived and worked in the city since I was 18.

I was just re-applying my experience of taking mini buses in the early 90s as my rough guide though fortunately the train ride is a world better than mini buses ride!

With new job came along new experiences for me…

Truthfully I am not 100 per cent happy with the train ride. Mainly, I find the the fare is bit too steep compared to my rough calculation based solely on driving expenses (toll charges and fuel consumption minus the stress of traffic crawl and time spent on the road). But at the end I am getting comfortable sitting in the train instead of worrying about traffic crawl and what the driver in front me is doing.

And now is fasting month I would rather safe my energy by taking train than spend time getting annoyed at other drivers and losing my temper = spoil my day.

My recent unpleasant experiences in regard of human relationship (family members and so-called close friends) have turned me into a mildly paranoid in my dealing with strangers.

kind3I am extra sensitive when someone/stranger showing me kindness nowadays.

Being a loner and a very sensitive person, every little gesture didn’t escape my attention especially kindness by strangers.

I as glad that my recent bitter and painful experience doesn’t harden my heart and turns it into stone. I am glad that I still have kindness in me. But instead of showing it to everyone, like what I have done all my life before, now I make a point of not showing it freely.

But there’s one thing I noticed though, that my life here on my own have been filled up with kindness from everyone I met.

First, the family at the curtain shop. And now, my new colleagues from the new office. They have been showing me kindness from day one.

Every morning despite not knowing each others’ names, the girls – Azreen and Maya made a point of waiting for me at the train station so we all can carpool to the office together. And most of the times they just dragged me for a free ride in one of their friends’ car so we can reach office on time and not being swindled by taxi driver.

And whenever they didn’t see me in the morning they would inquire what happened (on why I wasn’t at the station).

Yesterday Azreen told me to use my TnG card to get 20 % discount on daily my train trip. Thing that I didn’t and will not get if I am using cash to purchase my train tickets.

kind2And today, Azreen and Maya were doing it again.

We were chatting (while waiting for the train to arrive) and I told them how my train home a bit tiring cos I have to find for seat (though most of the times I couldn’t be bothered to find seat and ended up standing two third of my one hour journey home).

Immediately they urged me to change the station to board the train and promised me that I would have plenty of choices of seats (to chose from) without being hassled by other passengers.

Hesitantly I did as told and viola! The girls are correct. There were so many empty seats to chose from and en route home I managed to have a quick nap too! Unbelievable!!!

Thank you girls, not only you guys are young, highly educated, gorgeous but have heart of gold too!

You see it was a simple gesture and I don’t think the girls know how much it affected me emotionally and psychologically. After being hurt and stepped on all over by people I used to love in the recent times, this simple but kind-hearted gestures leave permanent print in my heart. That there are still kind people out there…And kindness is still very much alive. Thank you God! A