Love Letters

LOVE letters. This words appeared in my mind as I walked slowly while climbing up the hill this morning. It was rather late walk for me to start at 7.40am.

On normal days I would be almost home by then but not this morning though.

Working 2pm shift I slept late and of course woke up rather late. Instead of forgetting my walk I decided to put on my shoes and do my routine of an hour walk…

That was when I started thinking about writing love letters. Yes the old fashioned love letters which I am sure is a dying art now since we have technology to replace the letters with apps such as WeChat, WhatsApps, Facebook, Viber and a host of others that I am not aware of … being an old fashioned person that I am.

I remember it  took Adam months and a lot of patient to teach his mommy (hehe)  how to use my smartphone when I first bought it four years ago. In between curses and whining and pinning for my trusty old Nokia 1310! which derived big smiles from my baby’s face!

For a writer like me the thought of writing emails wasn’t really appealing when I was requested to do it by someone.

Being too comfortable with using apps to send short text to convey my messages I just didn’t get such request…

And quietly I was wondering what is wrong with this person? Why can’t we use all those apps? Save time  for sure and save myself from the pain of composing an email.

Reluctantly I agreed to write emails… And it has been several weeks now that I find the routine was really therapeutic to say the least.

Now I am enjoying scribbling my innermost thoughts in a lengthy email. And the response couldn’t get any better than what I am getting! hehe

Here I can scribble and ramble on and on to my heart content! Every morning or noon (depending on my working shifts) and evening as I tucked myself nicely in my bed… I would just take time to write long winded emails…pouring my heart out. Or just relating things that happened on that day…

Granted writing love letters in the form of emails no matter how long or short is nothing compared with those letters in the old days. When you had to sit and started writing down the words of love letters on papers then had to mail it at the post office.

And then you have to wait for days or even weeks wondering if the intended recipient would receive your heartfelt letters…and you would be wondering about his reaction and will this person write you back…

It is much more convenient writing emails now…at the comfort of your sofa or bed (as in my case) and just press SEND then it is all done!

But despite the advance of the technology, I discover the joy of writing the letters. The technology doesn’t take the substance of writing love letters as the words come straight from one’s heart and it can be felt even if you are separated by oceans and thousands of miles away from each other and thats the beauty… A