Love Our Children

IT PAINED me horribly everytime I read news about children being abused, abandoned and, to the extreme, being killed by adults.

My heart sank when I read heart-wrenching in the news in the recent weeks.

A five-year-old boy’s body was found in the ravine with his head decapitated. And earlier in the day, there was a photo and news of a very ill two years old boy who was put in the box and left on the road side until a good samaritan found him and sent him to hospital and he is now in ICU and the police is still searching for his next-of-kin.

What the fuck is going on here?

And news like these ripped my heart to pieces. What happen to humanity in us? What happen to that maternal/paternal instinct in us where we are automatically engineered to protect our offspring?

I am a mother. I am blessed with a son who is 18 years old now. The love of my life. The centre of my universe. But I also love my nieces and nephew as if I gave birth to them myself. They are young. Aged between 16, the oldest, to 2 years old ( the youngest).

In my mind I have 5 children including the one I physically gave birth to. I cannot imagine if anything happen to my children.

In Islam, and any peaceful religion I am sure, once a child is conceived it is important to remember that this is a trust from God. Although the child is most certainly a blessing, it is not a possession.  He or she has God given rights that must be fulfilled. Throughout the pregnancy, the expectant parents must take care to prepare for the new arrival.  The mother must take care of herself by eating the correct food, getting the required amount of rest, and seeking medical aid when needed.  Preparing for birth also includes remembering God and seeking His aid.

Reading these sad and horrible news made me wonder how terrible it is to be the parents who lost their children to such tragedies. May they find the strength to carry on…

The bad news weren’t only happened here but across the world over.

I read how a toddler was abused and left to die in his own vomit in Australia. While in the UK, another toddler lost his life in the hands of abusing adults. To make it even worse to read was these adults were the ones entrusted to protect these children from harm and dangers.

What stuns me is that we seem to be reading evermore stories lately where adults brutalise and savage children to death. It’s as is some evil is creeping across the Earth. Maybe it’s linked to overpopulation. When you get so many people milling about, we end up with these nightmarish headlines.

How sad it is that these adults proved to be the most dangerous of all and the innocent children loss their precious short lives in these filthy and heinous adult hands… A