My Baby Is 18 Today…

THERE he is. Standing. Flashing me that gorgeous smiles which I suspect have melted many mothers and girls’ hearts over the years since he was a toddler.

Towering over me, he bends down to kiss my cheeks. My baby is 18 years old today. How we have come a long way son.

In his hands was a birthday cake, a present from his old schoolmates. Bring almost untouched cake home to share with his young cousins.

All these years he always refused to have cake on his birthday. He prefers that we all go out for dinner than having birthday cake. I guess he is changing now. Not bad at all.

A full pledged college student now, I can see he is losing weight and a shade darker than usual. But still giving me reassuring smiles and answers whenever I inquired about his studies and schooling life.

But as a mother I can sense something is bothering him but as usual he would just brush it off. Possibly to avoid his worry-prone mommy from over thinking and over worrying and get into panic mode.

Then, as we lay down chatting away he confesses that he finds certain subject are difficult to understand and follow. It has been happening in the past week or so.

I can see the worry in his eyes despite his attempt to give me reassuring smiles.

That’s my baby. Always trying his best to offer his comforting presence when mommy’s in doubt.

I remember he was a toddler then. Not more than 4 years old at that time. And I was down with strange illness. I was really ill  with some virus and my face was swollen that I could hardly open my eyes.

And my baby was worried looking his mommy’s swollen face.

I was resting in bed then and he gingerly clambered over me and hugged me. I can almost feel his warm chubby fingers holding my face and tried to hold my face in his two small hands.

“Mom please don’t cry. You will be okay. You will be okay mom, you are strong mom and I will take care of you.”

Who would not melt listening such an honest hope from her own young toddler…

Being weekend mom, it hasn’t been easy for Adam and myself all these years.

But I am thankful that we are closer than ever now.

Not only he is easy going laid back boy, but he has become my close friend, my confidante and my protector.

God has granted my wish 18 years ago when I didn’t know my baby’s gender. I remember praying hard for a baby boy who will be my best friend and protector.

And that’s who and what he is to me now. I am really blessed. Really love it when he texted me “Mom please take care,” whenever I was about to drive away or anytime he thinks he needs to remind his rebellious and hot-headed mommy to take extra care of herself since he’s not around to watch over me… A