Nasi Lemak: My Mom’s

PhotoGrid_1444352311609THE delicious smell of freshly-cooked rice simmered in rich coconut milk with pandan leaves and lemon grass thrown in for added flavours and aroma…Yummm

And there’s also boiled eggs, delicious sambal, mixed fried anchovies and peanuts and slices of fresh cucumber. Heaven! Well, almost!

That’s what greeted me when I woke up this Friday morning, as my mom was preparing one of the family’s favourite dishes. One of my favourites. And am sure it is Adam’s too.

The fact that it was cooked with love by my mom who is her 80’s and yet still very active and healthy, added that extra ooomph. Why I said she cooked it with love? Because she loves cooking and takes pride when her children and grandchildren enjoy her efforts.

She could be nagging non-stop and pulled long face whenever she thinks that we misbehave (in her eyes) but it would all be disappeared when she was cooking. That was the one thing she enjoys the most. Apart from her orchids and gardening.

But seriously, looking at mom cooking away in the kitchen, while I was cleaning after her, I was just counting my blessings. At my age, I still have one of the world’s precious treasure, money-can’t-buy luxury – my mom’s presence and of course, her cooking. A luxury that some of us don’t have anymore. So I am going to enjoy every second of it. A