New Year, New Hope

happy-new-year-2016-quotes-1TRUTH to be told, 2015 was a very rough year for me personally. Lots of major life changes combined with a couple unexpected health issues combined with lots of stress meant that a number of my more flimsy life habits came apart at the seams. So while this may seem like more of a “dry” subject than the stuff I usually write about, writing this is part of crystallising how to put them all back together again. And hopefully you can get something out of it too.

I am not here to lament about how rough my 2015 have been. But there were few hard-hitting lessons I learnt throughout 2015. Painful lessons.

No I am not here to put anyone in the bad light either. We are all human beings with flaws and weaknesses. I am included.

Several months ago, the phrase “let bygone be bygone” seemed so easy to say but hard to practice because my heart was filled with hurt and pain. It was very painful emotional state to be in. I am an emotional person. Whenever I was feeling ill/pain emotionally,  it would transcend to physical discomfort.

How 2016 will be different from last year?

quoteHonestly, we are only eight days into the new year. Even though I have a few ideas in mind but until they become reality I would like to keep them under wrap. For now at least.

In the meantime I am wishing all my dear friends a happy, blessed and prosperous year ahead. I am sure each one of us have our own obstacle to face.

And most of the times we are are thinking that we are at the bottom. Surely no one else would be much worst situation than us. But the truth is, just look around us, they are others  who are suffering beyond what we are or have been going through.

I am blessed, despite the shortcoming, I have my son and my family who love me.

I have my precocious nieces Ika and baby Ainul who never failed to have screaming matches with me and made me laugh even when I was in tears. They are my life biggest blessings.

I may face some financial difficulties, but who aren’t? Right? Unless they are millionaires and above…  Until things turn around for better, we just have to be patient, work hard and pray hard and face this stormy weather head on… A