October is here

TODAY, exactly 10 days I am on my new job.

Still too early to make any conclusion. But what I am about to write is what I am feeling at the moment.

Granted, I still have a lot to learn and to improve like what I have been saying to my seniors at the office since Day One.

It has been a while since I feel excited to go to work and that’s what I am feeling now every morning. Deep down I feel that this job suits me fine.

Only a few months ago I was struggling to find a job. Seems like a lifetime ago… Not to say that I have forgotten the pain and the struggles as I am still struggling but in much less painful way.

There are bills still pending… several leakages around the cottage that need a plumber to be called to fix them… There are window frames need to be repainted, there are cracked paint on the wall that need to be attended to… There are still dirty spots here and there that I need a helper with the cleaning job.

But seriously, this are nothing and definitely can wait… Compared a few months ago when I wouldn’t have money to have proper meals in days and had to stretch my money as long as I could until the day I could find a job and getting paid…

Today I have a job. A good job and welcoming office and colleagues that I could only hope and dream but I am having them now. I am blessed.

Beyond my smiles there was a trail of tears and determination. But I am very thankful that I can smile again. That I find joy in my work again and I can still write on this blog whenever time permits.

The best feeling is in the morning when I wake up I know that I can spend the next hour to do my morning walk in the nearby area and then to return home to get ready for work. It is a real luxury I can tell you!

This simple pleasures that I really cherish now and I am counting my blessings… Alhamdulillah… A


  • Mizan

    Alhamdulillah. Have you given a thought of writing books of your blogs? Do some culinary challenge like Julie in Julia or mysterious twists like jk Rowling etc. you would be a millionaire in no time.

    Just giving you some encouragement.

    • Aza

      Alhamdulillah kak Mizan and thank you sooooo much for your continuous support on this blog. Really appreciate it more than I can possibly express here. Well… That’s the plan eventually. Not neccessarily on what I have written here as it could be a totally different stuff altogether. Still in very early stage. But you will be the one of the few firsts to know if the plan starts taking shape…In shaa Allah! Thank you Kak Mizan! Take care!