Ode to Friendship 2

IN the past few months I have gained quite number of online friends. Not on Facebook, but on my other so-called professional networking site.

What I have discovered, how enlightening experience it was (and still is).

Danny swore off the site for his good and valid reasons as he said as music teacher he doesn’t have much use for the website but focusing on craiglist and reddit instead… and Jeff doesn’t have any opinion on the matter. Well, as for me I have been a member since 2008. Pretty long time.

On Facebook, majority of my friends there are those I  know in person, either due to the fact that we are working in media fraternity or they are friends from schooling and university days.

But on this site, majority of my friends here are those that I have never met and high probability that I will never meet in this life but the connection feels real and good.

I get to know their countries and their jobs. Countries that I have heard but didn’t know much of, previously.

Initially, I was there to connect with people from other professions without much goal in mind. Just for the fun of it.

Then after I quit from my job in 2014, I used it a lot for networking and looking for opportunities. But it never brought any positive result and made me think that it was just a bluff. All the jobs listed there weren’t real and I was extremely disappointed.

Then it got me thinking may be, just may be that I needed to upgrade my membership to premium (by paying certain amount) so I would find a job. But l didn’t. Stick to my free membership instead.

Then, I landed my current job through a more reliable and efficient looking-for-a-job site (jobstreet) so I have no use of that professional networking site anymore.

That is. Until a few months ago when I struck friendships with total strangers from every part of the world, from diverse backgrounds and professions and blimey! I found it really refreshing!

It feels like a kid in candystore… And I love it! Lol!

From professional internationally known photographer, painters, authors, sculptors, lawyers, house husband, housewife, company’s managing director (of diverse businesses and industries), sales person, motivational speaker, investigator, authors, academics, hotel owner to chef and butler – it was (and still is) an eye-opener for me.

That, regardless our diverse backgrounds and nationalities, deep down we are so alike in our needs and wants. We are just normal human beings. 

I love to see how polite and compassionate and appreciative we are towards each other. 

Hey, with so much negativities around us on daily basis, it is nice to have positive elements been thrown in a good measure. Just to lift our spirit up! It was nice and pleasant feeling.

I never met them and  may never will but the friendship has been very positive and enriches me in more ways than one. It also put smiles on my face as I was scrolling down posts put up by everyone on daily basis.  And I am enjoying it every second and hope it will continue for a very long time…

Thank you guys for this precious friendship… A


  • Emilia

    Love your articles and would like to follow you on fb or instagram. Do you have the account?

    • Aza

      Hi there
      Thank you for your time and kind words. Apology as I am not that active on any other social media. But if you wish you can follow me on twitter @azhariah_kamin and instagram @azaduncan.


  • Danny

    I started to use Twitter after the election here. I read it more than post there, but I like it, even if it’s crazy sometimes.

    • Aza

      Hey you! I am really glad you find time to read my nonsense rambling here despite your busy schedule between writing music score and watching Bourne ?… Really appreciate your time and little sweet note here! xxx