Ezra Simanjuntak

I MET Ezra when I was this wide-eyed journalist who loved everything when comes to music. I couldn’t remember exactly how we met. But I remember vaguely that I interviewed him for his unique journey in music. With his long black hair…rings on every fingers, Ezra was an epitome of rebelliousness. Something that I could relate to very well. The […]

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The Big 50

HOW does it feels to reach that milestone of big 50… Which I had just celebrated less than a month ago. I didn’t feel much different though, apart from more white hair sprouting all over my head, sagging neck, stomachs bulge, breasts droop, faces wrinkle, underarms swing like fish bellies… If you’re wondering about good things about turning 50 and […]

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Dean’s List

WHEN Adam informed me that he has just received Dean’s List for his exam result, I am just beyond ecstatic… Being an average student myself during my uni days, to see my only child obtaining Dean’s List for his Mechanical Engineering course was really a proud moment for myself. It feels like our struggles and tears are being validated. When he […]

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