The Raincoat And Wings Concert

img1446440393012[1]I DON’T normally write a post on Sunday. But today’s an exceptional day though. Why? Because we have just returned from Wings 30th anniversary concert literally a few hours ago.

Yes we got home when the sun is about to appear on the horizon again and my poor baby is now sound asleep in his bed.

So here’s the tale. We have arrived in KL earlier than planned yesterday at 5.40pm. And I decided to sit it out (the perk of being a mom here I got to decide…hehe) in the car browsing the internet, to kill time.

As we stepped out of the car, I was reminded what was it like to live and work in KL… The ugly side of KL that nothing was/is free! A young guy casually approached us and asked for RM10 for parking. Didn’t want to argue, I informed him that I didn’t have the money with me then. I was about to get the money from a friend inside the stadium and I would pay him later. Gheez. Cursing silently I wished I could tell him to buzz off. This wasn’t even a car park. This was bloody road that we parked our car at. And I didn’t remember getting anyone to direct me while parking my car! Sorry boy, my car may carry Johor plate number but I have lived in KL for 30 years. What a sneaky way to make quick bucks! Prayed hard that he didn’t do anything nasty to my car…

20151031_194051We then had to make our way to the main entrance where the chaos awaited. Chaos due to the wet and muddy tracks and also hundreds if not thousands of fans who have been waiting patiently. Besides, there were many constructions works being carried out everywhere I turned to. I shuddered to think what kind of fancy buildings would be sprouting out there in the area in years to come. We made it into the stadium just in time as the rain started pouring. When I said pouring, it was an understatement really. It was a storm. Heavy rain complete with lighting and thunder.

20151031_201436It was only 7.30pm but there’s no sign that the rain would stop anytime soon. I started feeling uneasy plus being told that our seats were located at the front of the stage which means no roofing and it was pouring crazy.

Then the rain was slowly easing out. For a few minutes before started pouring again. I started to panic thinking that I made a big mistake for turning up for the concert in horrible weather.

By 9pm, it was still raining and Adam needed to go to school tomorrow ( yes Johor’s school session is from Sunday to Thursday) morning.

Then finally the rain stopped. Well almost. Just light drizzle.

Walking through big puddles everywhere as we walk across the field, we finally managed to find our designated area. Soon enough the rain started coming again. Luckily I bought a pair of the cheapest rain coats available. So quickly we donned our rain coats and prayed that the rain would have mercy on us.

However, we weren’t so lucky, by the time Wings appeared on stage at 10.30pm we started feeling chilly. It was cold to be seated in the rain for 90 minutes while watching other artistes performed such Afdlin, Ito, Azlan & The Typwriter and Datuk Hattan… Gheez my fingers all started to wrinkle. Checked on Adam’s palms…Worse!

20151031_212328[1]But thankfullly Saiful Apek and Yassin came up on stage and left us in stitches with their funny take on Wings and rock music. I could hear Adam’s laughter above the noises around. Glad my son was enjoying the show.

It was a strange feeling watching a rock concert soaking wet as the rain coats only did a little in protecting us from relentless rain. It was definitely first (experience) for myself and my 17-year-old!

Much to our delight, Wings finally appeared on stage and launched the night with their hit Bazooka Penaka, followed by Inspirasi Tamingsari and Bujang Senang.

Having watched Wings in action a few times in the past, I knew that the guys would deliver. And deliver they did. The band have that stage persona especially the frontman Awie who would have the fans glued to the band as they performed their hits on the stage.

As the fans continued to brave the rain and discomfort, we witnessed an electrifying spectacle and I could see the fans around me cheered on in rain coats, head banging and singing along to old favourites such as Di Penjara Janji, Enigma and many more.

20151031_233510-1At 47, Awie didn’t show any sign of slowing down. That’s Awie for you! He mesmerised the fans with his powerful vocal range while his band mates Joe, Eddie and Black each displayed playing skills that could only be gained after years of accumulated experiences, commitment and the love of rock and roll music.

And I was glad to take Adam along to experience what a big scale rock concert would be like.

Though I have to admit I was checking on him all the time. I wanted to make sure that he was okay. Sitting in the rain for hours on end wasn’t the wisest thing to do. But Adam seemed to be fine and enjoying himself…

By then I decided I had enough of this rain and made our way to the building and continued watching minus the rain.

It was then when former drummer Jojet performed drum solo session before he was joined by Black for an amazing 10 minutes banter between these two exceptional (drummers).

20151101_002815-1aAnd in the midst of it all Adam turned to me with big smile on his face, telling me that his favourite local football team JDT just won the final match and crowned as the AFC champion. Being a true-blue proud Johorean and a big fan of JDT, I could see how happy he was! And no schooling for Johor on Sunday. Yeay! So he can sleep and rest the whole day today!

It was way past 2am when the stadium was brought down as Wings performed the band’s all time favourite Taman Rashidah Utama.

The thunderous applause and cheers resonated around the stadium as Wings performed Hukum Karma and Opera Hidup. And guys, it was almost 3am!

Much to fans’ delight, Sejati was performed as the perfect finale for a long, wet but beautiful night.

As we walked to our car with three Ramly burgers and potato wedges in hands, chatting away about the concert, my immediate worry was about our journey home to Muar. I know what we were doing was crazy. You know, to drive to and fro from Muar to KL and back. But I guess thats the Bugis (and no we are definitely not related to a particular so-called bugis warrior from Pekan Pahang! God forbids!), Sunda and Javanese blood in me. Didn’t really care about the distance and all. To pair up with Adam and his Anglo-Saxon blood (on top of other three convolated genes! hehe), no task was insurmountable enough for us not to face them head-on. Gheez! We’re pretty good mother-and-son “crazy” pair! Lol! A