The World of Curtains

EBCURTAINTO others, it may be just a curtain shop.

And in Nilai 3, there are hundreds of curtain shops.

But for its management and employees it is not just a curtain shop. It is their livelihood. To put food on the table. To pay bill on time and perhaps…to start planning for their future.

And to me, EB Curtain is a place which restore my faith and believe that there’s still hope for me.

I have decided to pack my bag and leave family home and moved back to my marital home here on March 28. I haven’t been here (ie, staying overnight) in this house on the hill since early June in 2012.

It has been four years since. I did drop by from time to time, checking my garden and my fruit orchard. But never stay overnight.

Partly I was scared that I might be feeling too sad and distraught to live in the house after losing John.

But I need to face my inner fear. And I have been back here for more than a month when I became desperate to find job. Any job to put food on my table and to pay my piling bills.

I went through a few interviews in KL and all of them went very but I didn’t get the job because I was on the other side of 40s.

I became depressed and frustrated. I started losing sleep but Adam, Jeff and Daniel encouraging me to keep going and continue sending in my applications.

And finally on May 5, I braved myself to walk into EB Curtain and went up straight to the guy at the cashier asked him if there’s any opening there.

And he asked me a few question and before long I knew that I have just landed a job! Could you believe that? After weeks and months of frustration!

It was (and still is) a totally new thing for me. My skills and expertise involved writing and gathering information. Yes I did work as marketing executive at a sofa manufacturer before …but sofa and curtains are two different thing.

I have been working with big company (5000+ employees), medium size company (200+ employees) and by far EB Curtain is the smallest company I ever worked with.

Despite it’s small size, EB Curtain by far is the most progressive and as for myself, working there makes one feels like being a part of a family. I was suitably impressed because Silas was thinking hard on ways to improve the employees’ morale and the business as a whole.

Not many employers would care like he does. I wish I have more time to get to know him better. Soft spoken Silas with his friendly smiles…

There I met and made friends with the adorable, ever helpful, mature despite her young age Yana, and the rest of the gang who are very helpful too such as the super sensitive nursing graduate Ila, the “big sister” Nor and the slightly spoilt Nana. Then, there’s Epy, our kind-hearted supervisor but moody from time to time… Also Dayang, Yati, Lan, Dong, Kueen and Watie. And there’s accounting graduate Shila with her trademark belly/ass wiggles…These bunch filled my days with dramas and laughter.

Despite they are much younger than me, they taught me a lot about life. They opened my eyes about a lot of things that I didn’t see or realised before. Things that I took for granted. That, at the end of the day, each of us face our own personal struggles.

Here I learned not only how to measure and sell curtains (of different qualities and textures and for what purpose) but much much more than that!

When I saw them went through pain to buy their first house, I felt humbled. I was very lucky because John built the house for me without me lifting a finger.

I didn’t go through pain and heartache to apply for bank loan or to search for suitable house which I can afford based on my salary. And in the process, losing the hard-earned money to an agent due to circumstances.

I was one damn lucky woman and I can’t possible thank John enough for his generosity and incredible foresight for making sure that Adam and me have a roof on top of our head if anything happened to him.

Working as sales promoter, I could see how this young women face all sort of customers on daily basis. Some are nice and polite but some are real pain in the ass.

Just because we are sales girl, they looked down on us which made me mad and sad at the same time. Not for myself really but for my sisters here. My heart goes out to them…

I even made a few friends (my customers) which warm my heart significantly especially when they hugged me as they were leaving the shop happy with their purchase.

And I was getting closer to them, I received an offer I can’t refuse…

And today, finally, I told Ray about me leaving.

I have been contemplating about this for a couple of weeks. From the day I was told that I might get the job in KL.

EB Curtain has special place in my heart.

When I was so lost and all alone here and couldn’t find a decent job everywhere, Ray and EB Curtain took me in. Despite my age. Despite my zero knowledge on retail business. They took me in.

They restore my faith and believe that I can still find a job. Regardless what others have been telling me indirectly all this months….That I am too old.

Indeed those rejection was damaging to my self-esteem. Whether I want to admit it or not. Just like what Jeff told me, I was racing against time (my age).

But EB Curtain proves me right that I can still be useful to anyone who are willing to hire me as their employee…

Being all alone here, the girls at EB Curtain are my friends and “family” now… Even though I don’t work there anymore, I don’t want to lose this friendship… AEBCURTAIN2

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