Coming Home 2..

I SHOULD have written this post three weeks ago. The day when I drove my trusty Wira zig zagging the roads in between that familiar row of houses.

The irony was, I know this place very well. This is the place I called home 30 years ago when I first moved to the city.

An 18 years old wide-eyed village girl who left her parents and two younger brothers because she wanted to pursue her study in the big city. It wasn’t my idea though, coming to this big city. It was my big brother’s idea that I should continue my study in Kuala Lumpur as I would have better options to further my study.

It was indeed a culture shock for me. But luckily I have my Abang to keep an eye on my movement and friends that I kept then.

Here I learned to be independent.

Being a spoilt girl, I used to rely everything on my parents especially my dad. When I moved to KL I needed to be independent. I couldn’t rely to my brother to do everything for me as he has his own family and job to take care of. But despite his busy life, he really took a good care of me then.

Then he was transferred to Terengganu and I moved out to Bangsar starting my life as a journalist. And it was in 1992.

The following years I hardly came back here as my friends and my work were around Petaling Jaya and Bangsar. Until 1995 when I decided to move back to the house and rented it from my brother so I could live here with my baby brother who was studying in Subang Jaya then.

The house held so many memories for me.

But I haven’t been back here for the past 10-11 years. And there were so many things happened in my life ever since. I never thought I would be back here.

You see that sunny Thursday morning I had an appointment. A job interview appointment.

I have gone through quite number of interviewes since I moved back to my home in Nilai. Strange thing was, all my interviews went so well (no thanks to my skills as a journalist…I guess) but I didn’t nab the job. Why? I would like to believe because I am at the other side of 40s.

I had to sit through an English test and I was so sure I failed miserably! Then I met the lady boss Ms Chelvi. I didn’t remember how did it happen but in our session I did tell her that it was frustrating to be at my age and looking for a job. And quickly she told me…Don’t worry our big boss here prefer mature staff than the young ones for many reasons.

I wanted to believe her but I better not. To save myself from heartache.

I called Jeff on the first opportunity I got. Can’t wait to tell him everything. My pillar of strength Jeff.

Jeff said keep fingers crossed. An apt advice considering he have seen me crying…whining on the phone telling him my failed attempt to land a better pay job despite my best efforts…

It was weeks ago and now I am safely working here. Everyone is happy that I finally land a job with reasonable pay. Thank God… And I am coming home. Full circle. A