Work Life Balance Is Crap

I HAD crappy morning today but l borrowed the title from Pete who have had crappy days if not weeks or even months…

My crappy incidents were pretty minor but equally annoying though.

As I was driving home very late this morning at 1.30am, I knew something was wrong with my clutch system. As I couldn’t shift the gear. 

However I have had the same problem less then two months ago that I hope it was the same problem and I have to be more clever than my car as I needed to get home to rest.

Yes I did get home and went to sleep at 2.30am….

By 9am I was checking the car and I couldn’t shift the gear at all and I knew that I have to take my car to the nearby workshop.Using the old tricks I managed to drive my baby to the nearest workshop after stopping traffics a few times due to my faulty clutch (slave cylinder) pump…

To cut the story short, by the time it was all fixed it was near noon and I was fretting about the time as I had to report for work at 2pm…But by God’s grace I managed to get to work before 2pm….Phew!

Seriously friends, back to work life balance myth… Just ask ourselves…Work or life? Nope. There’s no such thing as either/or.

Yet, regardless of how unrealistic it sounds, surely we have came across such articles especially in the recent times. Thousands of them, promoting the impossible work life balance myth… 

When we mentioned  ‘balance’, generally it implies that we must spend (ideally) 50 per cent of your time at work and the other 50 per cent on your life. Balancing your life and work would require a cookie-cutter life, where everything is the same every day.  And that’s impossible. As life is messy; things happen that require you to adjust your plans. And sometimes, you do have to work a little longer and harder than usual. That’s the nature of work.

If anyone wants to apply it, each of us should determine the ratio. To know what is right and work for individual us.

For workaholic us, devoting 80 per cent of our precious time to work and the remaining 20 per cent in our life could be the ideal.  While for some of us, like myself, the breakdown feel  a world better when I  can spend 30 per cent of my  time at work and 70 per cent on my personal life. It is unique to each individual. No size fits all.

Living in today’s environment, our work and personal life should be integrated. There is no such thing as clear line to draw between the two worlds.  And finding  the right rhythm to suit my individual needs is the best… A