Navigating Life’s Curveballs

MY SHORT meeting with her today got me thinking about life in general.

She is only 19 but the responsibilities she was and is still carrying on her shoulders should put some of us adults to shame.

I was blessed to know her when I moved back up north after disastrous attempt to live in my home town 3 years ago.

Somehow our friendship grows stronger though we hardly met lately due to my odd working hours. Despite our age difference we got along extremely well… I guess her maturity ( at only 19) and my playfulness ( me at 50) help us in this friendship.

After realising how my friendship meant to her I would make an effort to meet up with her as often as I possibly can.

What I am trying to write here is not so much of our friendship but its more of how our lives share so many similarities…

We are both the epitome of characteristically strong women, oh well in her case, girl…

Sure, everyone will say that their lives filled with struggles and obstacles too and we both are not unique.

Well I am not saying others are not strong. But you see I don’t know them. I may know a handful of them and possibly bits and pieces of their struggles…

I am sure majority of us dream of experiencing lasting success, peace and happiness.

The reality, however, is far from picture-perfect. Life is anything but smooth sailing. There are constant ups and downs; things don’t always pan out the way we plan. Challenges will cross our path; we will face difficulties, barriers and roadblocks that make our goals seem difficult, impossible.

As much as I hate to admit it, challenges are part of life, everyone faces them. Problems will weigh us down, shake us off balance, and throw our life out of gear. 

Granted, everyone goes through struggles, experiences difficulties and faces setbacks. No one is immune to them and no one can escape them. While we cannot prevent the challenges from coming our way, we can control how we view them, deal with them.

There were so many instances in my life when someone threw me this question…As recent as in the last month…Of choices that I had to make, often, when faced with insurmountable setbacks or obstacles…

A choice whether to give in or hang in there and brave the challenges. Or in my simpler mind…either to let myself drown or to float…

I can always get into the victim mindset, feel dejected or I can stand tall, refuse to let the problems to derail me and walk through them like a winner. And am proud to say I have done it several times in the past 50 years. And yes it made me stronger…

Often times we are unaware of what we are capable of doing or how strong we can be when faced with problems.

And… time and again… life showed me that I am stronger than I initially thought…That there are no problems that cannot be solved. If we are determined to look hard enough, long enough and deep enough, we will find a way to navigate around the challenges and take charge of our life.

We all have it in us to overcome the obstacles and get through life’s problems. To take things head on. Life is tough as it is. There is no challenge that cannot be overcome if our will is strong and we are committed to our dreams.

When life throws challenges my way, I just don’t ignore, run away or letting them to completely overwhelmed my psyche that rendered me incapable of thinking things clearly. And I refused to do as such…Sure I will whine, cry or scream my heart out…but shying away from life’s challenges is simply not moi

Yes, it is easier said than done but we have to look at life’s challenges as positive experiences, opportunities to learn, grow, realise our hidden potential, become stronger as a person. 

Despite the enormous psychological and emotional pain, challenges have helped to bring out the best in me, giving me the courage and the confidence to tackle anything that life may have in store for me.

So my beautiful girl…no matter what happens in life, never fear and never lose heart. Please don’t let the challenges stop you, demoralise or demotivate you. Your world doesn’t end there. Stand up. You owe it to yourself to navigate your way through them and march towards success.

My girl…Although it would be nice to believe otherwise, problems and trials are an inevitable part of life and you may not feel it now when you feel the world is crumbling around you…but you have the strength and determination in you…

I know it is bloody damn hard to tell yourself those things. But take it from me. Just hanging there… you will come out of this… stronger…and you know why I say this to you…Because I see myself in you… A